Emerald Rising brings back that 70’s flavored hard rockin heavy guitar riffs with driving rhythms and power vocals. The band consists of four musicians from Long Island, NY who are inspired by rock, progressive rock and punk have created a sound that has something for everyone. Together, their chemistry generates an explosive energy that can be heard on the recordings and with their live performances.

Emerald Rising was formed by guitarist Thomas Michael Cavanagh and vocalist Daena D in 2018.  As the song writing progressed, they took time to fit the band with the best musicians for it’s music.  With the addition of Chris Parrett on bass and John LaSpina on drums they were ready to rock with their first debut album. 

This powerful quartet worked hard recording at DCity Studios and Bent Pussycat Studios in Huntington, NY and released their first collection of 10 songs on July 2, 2021.

Lead singer Daena D states, “It was tough to launch a new band during the Covid pandemic, but it kept us busy and focused.  Waiting for venues to re-open was difficult because we were on fire about the new tracks and wanted to play.  We decided to wait for the state of affairs of post-Covid to settle before releasing our debut album”.  Currently, Emerald Rising can be heard on all media platforms and live in concert.

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This band is a must see and redefines hard rock with their unique special branding and sound!

Daena D


Daena has fronted several hard rock projects and performed with a variety of different cover bands that have a wide range of music. Her past projects include recording with Geoff Tate of Queensryche and with an all-girl metal band Thunderbox. In addition to Emerald Rising she currently performs with Bad Animals (The Heart Tribute) and with John Blaze’s rockin Halloween production called “I Am Scarecrow”. Daena’s powerful vocal performances have claimed her as one of the top rock vocalists around. Daena uses custom microphone stands by Jess Katz – TrailofSparkles.com and Sennheiser, Shure and Telefunken microphones.


Thomas Cavanagh


Tom is a well-known musician and songwriter who is best known for his playing and writing for artists and bands such as Lita Ford, Jerry Jemott, Pop Smart Overdrive, Bent Pussycat, The Backseat Devils,  Walking the Line (The Johnny Cash Tribute Show), I Me Mine (George Harrison Tribute), Bad Animals (The Heart Tribute) and Almost Queen.  His session work and producing has led him to appear on well over two hundred releases.  His critically acclaimed solo efforts (over 30 solo albums) have generated sales into the thousands and his songs have emerged in multiple movies, television shows, video games and commercials. Tom is a devoted user of Friedman Amps, Mad Professor Pedals, Intune guitar picks, Music Man Guitars, Mystar Cables, and Martin Guitars.

Thomas Michael Cavanagh is endorsed by Mad Professor Pedals, Intune guitar picks, Mystar Cables, Hughes Guitars and Martin Guitars.






Chris Parrett


Chris is an active working bass player from New York. He plays on a regular basis in several original and cover bands working with great musicians.  Chris has taken what he learned from these A list players and morphed it into a style all his own. His current projects include Bad Animals The Heart Tribute. Chris gives 100% of his amazing talents and plays an essential role to the rockin groove that defines Emerald Rising. Chris uses Fender Basses, D’Addario strings, Tech 21 preamps and Hartke amps.

John Laspina


John is a New Yorker that has played with many original acts and is the timekeeper of Emerald Rising. Currently, he also plays with renown 80’s tribute band Rubix Kube and Bad Animals (The Heart Tribute). He has shared the stage with artists such as Jeff Scott Soto, Dennis De Young, Rick Springfield and Brett Michaels and has made various TV appearances including Fuse TV and The Today Show.  John started playing drums at 8 years old and studied formally with several drum instructors including Al Miller and Howie Mann. He cites Liberty Devitto, Carmine Appice, Simon Phillips, Stewart Copeland and Nicko McBrain as early influences; many more influential drummers would follow in the genres of jazz, funk, country, prog rock and fusion. John uses Pearl drums, Sabian cymbals, Evans heads, Vic Firth sticks and Roland electronics.