Chris Parrett


Chris is an active working bass player from New York. He plays on a regular basis in several
original and cover bands working with great musicians.  Chris has taken what he learned
from these A list players and morphed it into a style all his own. His current projects include Bad
Animals The Heart Tribute. Chris gives 100% of his amazing talents and plays an essential role to the rockin groove that defines Emerald Rising. Chris uses Fender Basses, D’Addario strings, Tech 21 preamps and Hartke amps.

About Emerald Rising

Emerald Rising brings back that 70’s flavored hard rockin heavy guitar riffs with driving rhythms and power vocals. The band consists of very talented musicians from New York who have come together to create their unique sound and style. Emerald Rising was formed in 2018 by vocalist Daena D and guitarist Thomas Michael Cavanagh. As the song writing progressed, they realized it was time to rock with a full band. They added Chris Parrett on bass and John LaSpina on drums. This powerful quartet recorded their first self-titled debut at DCity Studios and Bent Pussycat Studios in Huntington, NY and released their first collection of 10 songs in July 2021. Click the video tab above to view their videos or visit their YouTube and Facebook page…Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe!!! Keep tuning in for updates and show announcements.  Their explosive chemistry live on stage generate sounds and tones that get much attention! This band is a must see!!! Emerald Rising redefines hard rock!